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Saturn Storm + Moons 28/29.4.11 127mak


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another better than average night here in Sunny Glasgow,

night before was rubbish but had decent results on 26/27th aswell

2 good nights in a week almost unbelievable lol

increased captures slightly to 200sec

and stacked best 1150 in reg6 after castrating

finished using gimp

1st 2 pics are @ 100% and 125% sizes

1st pic top 2 are normal rgb bottom are luminance

more details on 3rd moon pic :D

Moons from left to right are Titan, Dione and Rhea

the trailing parts of storm are showing very well i think

CM3 was approx 100 degrees for these

not sure of brightness settings on my monitor,

so any comments on if these are bright enough or to dim appreciated





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