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What to buy!!!


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Still hunting for my ideal combination, so far I have come up with a choice of the following:

  • 8"/F4 astrograph on HEQ5 SynTrek (cheapest but weighty)
  • Tal 200K on HEQ5 SynTrek (getting hold of one!)
  • Evostar 120ED on HEQ5 SynTrek
  • C8-XLT on HEQ5 SynTrek

As you can see I've chosen the mount :) - would love to go to the EQ6 SynTrek but it would really hit the scope budget.

Any comments on these combinations?

I will be doing some imaging, got the CPC880/900 webcam and will be doing some piggy backing of my CSC.

So initially mainly visual, but may head onto DSLR ground at some point.

Comments as always most welcome - don't want to buy a dud!


NB. I'm only buying one of these ... clearly not all 4 :D

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Before buying anything it might be worthwhile reading Making Every Photon Count (by SGL's very own steppenwolf).

Easy to read, it's full of advice aimed at the imaging novice, including choosing the right equipment, tips 'n' tricks and lots of other vital stuff.

Have a trawl through the imaging sections too, They're full of info and some very experienced, talented folk who, I'm sure, will be more than happy to share advice and guidance with you.

If you may well end up moving into DSLR imaging, could you stretch the budget to fit 8"/F4 astrograph on an EQ6 ?

I'm guessing that it's the Altair Astro 8" Imaging Newt ? If so, you will need budget the coma corrector too.

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If you are imaging then you must accept that it is mount first and, yes, it will eat into you scope budget big time.

The 5 and 6 EQs have similar accuracy but different payloads. The accuracy makes for easy guiding up to a metre of FL and remains possible, with increasing attention from the owner, up to about 2 metres. The latter will require luck, skill or both. At least, this is my experience of running two sixes.

The achromats will never be good choices for imaging. Colour correction needs to be high order for that. The C8 will need a lot of spending to make it work for DS imaging. New focuser and focal reducer/flattener.

If you under mount any of the reflectors you will rue the day, honestly, when you try to image. Guessing at your budget I would go for an NEQ6 and 8 inch parabolic SW Newt, not the fast astrograph.


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I have the SW 120 ED-Pro, it is my only scope and I have nothing to compare it to. I really do like it, but can't help wanting more focal length for planets and smaller galaxies and then less focal length for some larger DSO's. I may be talking out of my hat, due to my total lack of experience, but I really feel that this scope is a little in between focal lengths, and often uncomfortably in between for me. Don't get me wrong, it's a great scope, but with what I know now, would I have bought it? Well, I'm not sure to be honest.

You don't mention what you think you'll really wanting to be looking at and later imaging - I think the answer to that question would help a lot.

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Thanks for the further advice peeps. Good to know how others feel.

Having spoken to a few others I'm maybe looking at more than one scope now, a large Dob for visual and then a APO for photo.

Still working my way through it all ... :D

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