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First pop at star trails

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Couldn't sleep so got up and seen the stars out so decided to have a go at star trails as my telescope wasn't ready to go.

Quite happy for a first go, but learnt what to do for next time:

More images!

Dew heater on the lens!

No breaks between images!

Take darks.

This was 5 images at 28mm with my Canon 350D a basic tripod and varying exposures from 2mins-6mins(ish), no stop watch just gut instinct :D with the remote shutter and processed quickly in 'Startrails' and PS.

Thanks for looking,



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Good first attempt, you'll soon be addicted like me! I don't use a dew heater just pick the right night and wrap a scarf around the camera if it's cold.

The best way to avoid gaps is set the camera on burst and a 30 second shutter speed and lock the remote lead on and it will just keep firing. You can adjust the exposure with the aperture and ISO.


Chris www.chrisrobbins.co.uk

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nice first effort, shooting in burst with the shutter held in with a rubber band or using a locking remote release and turning noise reduction off will keep the gap between frames to a minimum. Shoot a handful of darks at the end and put them all into Startrails.exe for processing.

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Nice one Michael. I've been playing with these for a couple of weeks and can happily confirm that 15 - 30 second exposures with the remote button locked really does the trick.

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Get an "intervalometer",there are loads on ebay for £20 -30.

You can set your exposure to whatever you want,as many as you want and as big or small a gap between each shot as you want.

Perfect for using with your scope as well.

Make sure you get one that compatible with your camera.


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