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Zoom Eyepiece Question


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I'm new to SGL having recently acquired a 10" Dobsonian.

Firstly, would it be advisable to buy a Zoom Eyepiece, maybe 8mm-24mm (Meade or other make?) Secondly, would I be able to use this Zoom Eyepiece with a x2 Barlow?

Thank You

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Best to borrow one at an observing night to try it out and see what you think. Zooms suit some folks and not others. I swear by my Baader Hyperion 8mm-24mm - use it a lot of the time with and without barlow :D

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There are good zooms and there are cheap zooms but not any good & cheap zooms. Definitely a case of you get what you pay for. Zooms (such as the Leica at £650.00 plus) can actually be as good as the best premium eyepieces, however you can get a really good zoom for about £200.00 new that is fairly close in performance to a good eyepiece.

You could always look for a good zoom second hand and then if it didn't suit sell it on for what you paid for it. :D


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I have a Baader Hyperion 8mm-24mm also, its great between 8 - 16mm but not so at good 20+ mm, its nice for the price though. I going to save up for some better low power eyepieces, but I've just spent £1300 on a 200pds and heq6 cant wait for FLO to get them in stock. :D

Also the zoom is great for splitting double stars and zooming in on the moon :D

Also a Sagan fan :)

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My 8-24mm zoom cost £50, and was bought to see if I would use it to justify spending more on the Baader.

It performs okay, can be barlowed, but the FOV at 24mm is a bit tighter than my plossls, on a par from about 20-12mm, then better around 10-8mm. It's fun to use, and nice to have, but I prefer the fixed focal length EPs for now.

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