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Woo Hoo - First proper image from F4 Newt - M13


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Took this last night, I had to work at it mind, the focuser needs replaced as I basically had to find M13 then collimate when on target. Other than that I am really pleased with this:hello2: This is 1hr 58mins in 2min subs. Its the full frame, no vignetting, and only a little coma due to the spacing not being perfect.

here's the full size image , you can see the collimation is not perfect but still.....



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It's in the faint stars surrounding the core out to about as far as the blue star and red star - imagine the core as the hub of a spinning prop - the faint stars are the whispy bits where it spins so fast it just looks like disturbed air :D

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I've seen the propeller described as at least three different sections of M13 but to me (and because there are other interpretations, I could be wrong!!) it is the three bladed black propeller encircled in red below:-


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