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Bright(ish) supernova in NGC 3972


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A bright (14.5) mag supernova has been discovered in NGC 3972 a galaxy in UMa a link to create a chart is at

Charts: Finder charts for SN 2011by (AUID 000-BKB-410) may be plotted

by entering the name or the coordinates above into VSP:

Variable Star Plotter (VSP) | AAVSO

Note this appears to be a Type Ia 10 days before maximum so it could get much brighter.


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I observed it again at 2.45 this morning (SQ 21.3). On the opposite side of the galaxy disc from the supernova (i.e. to south-west) are two stars of roughly equal brightness, and I judged the SN to be marginally brighter than those. They are listed in the Guide Star Catalogue as having V-magnitude 13.36 and 13.43, so I estimate the supernova as now being about 13.3.

The stars are:

GSC 0383600111 RA 11 55 32.80 Dec +55 16 07.2 mag 13.43

GSC 0383600118 RA 11 55 41.22 Dec +55 17 30.4 mag 13.36


Edit: according to another thread it is estimated 13.2:


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1.3. is what Maxim DL and IRIS gave me last night, so that's pretty good estimation. The nearby ref star is a good pointer

1.3 - wow thats brightened up a bit :)

Assuming this is a typo ;) this (at 13.3) will be in visual range of my 10" newtonian, if I get a good dark night. Not this weekend judging by the forecast ........ :eek:

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