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Saturn 27th April


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I reckon last night might actually be the end of the season re Saturn for me :D I hope I'm wrong but.....

end with a high !

The skies last night particularly earlier on were close to very good, almost as the 4th Sept for Joop, but not long enough :)

BUT I'm happy see what you think....




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Nice shots Karlo, at some point, i will have to get a hi frame rate version of this. Either the flea. or the imaging source if they ever release it. but for now as you know ill be joining you. with a lower frame rate version. Glad you got some colour work done after your dissapointment recently. Hopefully thats put those memorys to bed. whats it like working with this camera ? what frame rates and exposures you getting with the Mak ?

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Cheers guys !

Neil the exp and fps are as follows:

in the 1st

R=43ms at 23fps, histo 52%

G=43ms at 10fps, histo 38%

B=48ms at 20fps (! didn't notice that),histo 22%

F36 =63ms, 15fps histo44%

and the last

R=53ms, 18fps 42%

G=49ms, 20fps 41%

B=60ms, 16fps histo33%

Still learning about the cam and the software of course, last night was the first time in "anger" I managed to get the Ascom support working for the Filterwheel ( real boon!).

Not happy about the filing tho :) need to check that out , causes some confusion ??

I didn't even get a chance to drift align the mount so constantly hand the hand set working trying to keep centred- oh the other bug bear, is 12 bit .ser files, LucamRecorder did a wonderful job of converting them to .avi's that could then be run thru Castrator, I miss that function- Reg5 or 6 don't do quite a neat job of cropping and centring.

Please don't mention Ninox :D

So if anyone out there knows of something that will convert .ser to avi let me know !

otherwise I may have to resort to either the long way around or 8 bit mono :D

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Great results Karlo

all r great, large size is good esp for rings

but bit more detail in others i reckon on planet esp storm detail,

yep i too want a flea aswell lol

have u ? are u parting with modded spc then ?


Cheers James,

'fraid it's gone to better place :D you'll soon be seeing it do great things with Neil's set up !

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