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Saturn last night


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Not having a lot of luck recently :D

Initially I was messing about with the 3x televue but the seeng just wasn't good enough and Saturn was too dim to capture anything worth processing with the 3x.

So, I used one of the Skywatcher bundled standard 2x barlows (must get a decent one soon!) with the SPC900 to capture the following in Sharpcap. Processing then done in Registax 6 which is being a pain and refusing to allow me to process the 6 other captures of 6 mins each I did.

Anyway it's also been through Image analyser for a bit of deconvolution and a tweak of the blue down and the red up a touch. Scaled up to 125%. Just ordered a new mount and mask so I might start improving soon !

Thanks for looking.

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That's a definite improvement to last time :D

Cassini clearly on view.

Why was R6 complaining? I have just used Castrator for the first time. Makes the AVIs much smaller. R6 now proceesses AVIs that it did'nt like before. Might be worth a try?


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Cheers Stu - I've figured out it doesn't like large .avi's. On ver 5 there was a setting to allow .avi's up in excess of 2gb which was also needed to be cjecked for .avi's over 1gb. Just tried another capture in Reg 5 and it was fine but refused to open in Reg 6. I can't see where this option might now be in Reg 6.

Here's the Reg 5 version of the next capture which I think looks better.

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