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Hello from Mid Devon


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Just thought I would say hi as I have just signed up to SGL. I am currently using bins and learning the skies before I purchase my telescope of choice, the Skyliner 200p dobsonion. Unfortunatley they all seem to be out of stock at the moment. Can't wait to see the Andromeda galaxy.



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hello and welcome, the 200mm dob certainly seems very popular. I don't think Andromeda is visible until autumn now. The great cluster in Hercules is good to see at the mo and saturn is very easy viewing. Ursa major has some cool stuff going on also.

happy hunting.


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Hi Adrian, welcome from near Exeter.

Time learning the sky before you get your telescope will pay dividends later on. Your bins will show you a lot, and you will appreciate the view through the scope even more. The view of M31 is well worth waiting for.


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Thank you all for the very warm welcome.

Doug: The binoculars I am using are very old 10x50s with a bit of mould on the lens that I can't clean off, but still produce a reasonable image.

Adamski: Thanks for the tip

Astro imp: Thanks for the link

Thanks all


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