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Just a quick hello to you all, I've gazed at the stars for years but today my Sky-Watcher Heritage 130 arrived so I'm hoping to see a some of the wonders in closer detail. I'm a complete novice as previous star gazing was siting in a chair on the lawn using my eye balls, only recently did I get hold of my fathers bino's.

I'm sure I will be posting a few questions so bare with me if I struggle to grasp things, i'll get there in the end.

Best wishes


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Once I'd attached the finder scope and got my eyepiece in, I found Saturn 20 secs after starting to look for it - I was amazed. Hurt my back bending over too much though - I'm 6ft 2 and it was WAY too low .... I'll post pics later of my temporary 'workaround' .... *cringe*

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Hi Dale and welcome to the forum.

The main thing is to take your time. The problem with astronomy is not that there is anything difficult to learn, rather that there is a lot of it. Just for the record, we're all beginners really as everything is constantly changing, be it equipment, technology or what we discover in the cosmos.

Wishing you clear skies with your new scope.


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Ahh the despair! my 130 has to go back due to the secondary mirror not being fitted correctly and the collimation being all shot. Have to say I'm gutted, they put a man on the moon but can't build me a scope to see it :D back to my dads 10x50's

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