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What size EQ mount for a biggish newt?


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Morning! Have just had a decent sized work contract come in, so will be looking at upgrading my scope in a couple of months. Will be going for a second hand dob (10" or12") but I was wondering if I wanted to upgrade the mount at a later date to an EQ what is the minimum size I would need?

Thanks, Pug

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An HEQ5 might be OK for the 10" for visual. For imaging and doing anything with the 12" I think an EQ6 would be needed.

These tubes look quite large on a dob mount but seem to grow to huge when on an EQ mount !.

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Hi Pug

I would just ad. If the Dob you intend to get and convert to an Equatorial later has to be portable I would not even consider a 12".

Whilst a 12" Dob is easily portable a 12" on a GEM isn't.

As john said a 12" on a GEM is massive and IMO needs permanent mounting in an observatory.

Have fun picking your scope.

Regards Steve

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Many thanks for the advice people. I'm thinking long term and plan to convert my shed to an obs later on. I'll be using the dob on its mount for a while. I'm just trying to work out what's feasible without wasting cash. Sadly the bills come before everything else so it's all on a shoestring!

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