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thought i would take a bit of time (not skiving) and read a bit of S@N, i came across an interesting article in there regarding the asteroid "Apophis"

"university of Hawaii astronomers have snapped the first images of Apophis, in 2029 it will pass closer to earth than any geostationary satallite and may hit eventually"

looks like we may need SG1 after all :)

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Have NASA ever shot a asteroid with a nuke, i remember in that film

that guy saying you can shoot all the nukes you have got at her &

it wouldn't make a difference :) & thats why they needed the 3 Bs

Bruce Ben Bear to save the world :eek:

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Maybe we could shift the moon into a Geostationary orbit, smack in the line of it's collision course, and once the shows over, shift it back again.

At least it gives the moon something useful to do :).


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