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First view of saturn

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Just seen saturn for the first time with my 10" dob!.I had the whole family out there in the end (apart from daughter in Birmingham). We couldn't get over how bright it was. I am assuming that the nearby dots were moons rather than stars... WOW:)

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Congratulation Dil on your observation and those dots were most probably the moons. It was nice to read that you we able to share in the experience, as hearing other people's wow's are just as enjoyable.

Keep up the good work as there is plenty more to discover.


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Well done Dil!

Check with Stellarium - set the time for your observation time and date, then click on Saturn, and hit the space bar to hold it in the center of screen. Zoom in by scrolling the mouse wheel (it takes a bit of doing!), and you will see Saturn with it's moons and you can see how well you did.

You might also click here and try my <Saturn Observer's Log>. It will help you record what you see!



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