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seeing tonight?


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Not desperately impressed with it here. I've just been outside to take a look and even Saturn appears to be twinkling, not to mention Arcturus and Vega, despite the apparent clarity of the sky. I think brantuk's summary is good.

I looked on Sat24 earlier. A couple of hours before sunset everything looked great, but as sunset approached a haze developed over the entire country. Seems to have been the story for almost all of April really. It's been quite frustrating. I've been out a few times this month, but over the last week I've found myself looking at the sky and thinking that perhaps I can put the time to better use when everything is so wobbly.

Or, at least, I think I need to expand my list of required types of telescope to own -- a fast refractor for wide field, a Mak/SCT for planets and a dob for when the only things you can get a decent view of are near the zenith :)


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I was not ready for that!...Dew! I was on M13 and went to have a quick nap in the shed so I could carry on until at least 4am, but came out of shed at 1:50am went to EP to see how much M13 had moved (not a lot actually, quite pleased with that) but it was so dim...hmm I thought what is going on here, cleaned EP, not that. Checked sky for cloud...no. Took out EP to check secondary with torch, sure enough dew.

My dew shield is the same one I made for the Orion GX250, and the outside diameter of my SW 10" is wider so I had to pack away. Guess what I am doing tomorrow?

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