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Best ever Saturn tonight.

West End Wendy

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By some distance.

Got the mag at x267 using Pentax XF 8.5 mm and 2.5 Powermate.

Well beyond my 4" fracs theoretical maximum so I've never ramped it up that much before.

Steady as a rock and stunning detail.

Not even completely dark yet. Anyone else seeing the same as me?


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I have a Evostar 90 refractor which comes with a 2x barlow, 1x 25mm and 1x 10mm lens and start diagonal.

What would be the best combination of these lenses on this scope to view Saturn?

your mag = focal length of scope / focal length of eyepiece so if the focal length of the scope is 1000mm then the 10 mm e/p will give you x 100. As a rough rule of thumb too the max usable mag is 2 x aperture so 180 in your case (although most nights a bit less). I would guess you'd be best off with just the 10 and no barlow - often the most pleasing image is a smaller sharper one (IMHO).

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Excellent conditions for Saturn tonight. I was originally attempting to get some star trailing images but, failing miserably, decided on some good old fashioned observing so looked at Saturn. Was able to pick out a darkish band in the Southern Hemisphere of the planet as well which is a first for my scope.

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Didn't get any pics I'm afraid, actually tell a lie I did but only through my 25mm and I doubt there'll be any detail in those.

I'm pretty sure I got 2 moons as well, on the same side as Titan, pretty much halfway between it and Saturn was a very faint point of light. Just looked on Stellarium, turns out it was Rhea.

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I was observing Saturn at this time aswell. I showed my uncle Saturn for the first time and he seemed impressed.

In a reflector, would the storm apear on the top or bottom of the planet?

I think I saw some darkening on the top but could not be sure.

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