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Telescope Array Controller - Job


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You know this is just the kind of job I wouldn't mind getting after I finish my planned astrophysics degree in a couple of years time, that is assuming that such is a job isn't out of reach to someone fresh out of uni. I suppose a couple years worth of relevant work experience would help in becoming a good candidate for that post.

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They're asking for HNC/HND so a degree is further up the scale :)

Your course could easily be used as 'relevant work experience' if you've done any field work or research etc. Or anyone else considering it.

But as you're not finished for a few years it would be a stretch. Even with shift hours etc.

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Doh! There's me not even understanding the qualification levels :eek:

That is definitely a job I would consider when I eventually do (and hopefully complete) my degree. Probably looking too far in to the future from now and expecting too much as I have a load to achieve before even starting at uni, let alone the degree course, but it looks good :)

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