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Dust bunnies on CCD sensor: Puzzled!

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I have what appeared to be dust bunnies on my Atik 16ic sensor. I've been told that flats should get rid of this, but I am confused.

I'm running the Atik through Artemis CCD at the moment, and whichever way I turn the camera in my 200p newt, the dust bunnies remain in exactly the same orientation on the screen. I would have expected the orientation of the bunnies to rotate as I rotated the camera in the scope. So at this stage I was thinking dust or marks on my newts mirrors. But just to check, I mounted the camera on my ED80. Exactly the same behaviour as on the newt. Whichever way I mount the camera, the dust bunnies remain in exactly the same orientation.

So, it doesn't seem to be dust on the newts mirrors at all but the CCD sensor, since the same bunnies seem to jump from scope to scope. But why do they not rotate when I re-orient the camera in the scope?

/is confuzzled :)

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Rotating the CCD in the scope won't make any difference to the apparent position of dust on the sensor, as they are fixed to the sensor and will move with it.

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