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WRTL Stela is Girvan's Shining Light


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WRTL Stela is Girvan's Shining Light - Lighting Industry News Portal for Information and Free Magazine

withstela.jpgThe seafront promenade at Girvan in South Ayrshire has recently been illuminated with the latest LED street lights to the delight of residents and council officials.

The shorefront and harbour area of the town is surrounded by an area of outstanding natural beauty, so it was essential for the street light installation not to look out of place. For this reason South Ayrshire Council wanted to use an effective, efficient, environmentally-friendly solution that would complement the coastal walkway from the marina in the town centre to the picturesque Ainsley Park.

beforestela.jpgSouth Ayrshire Council selected Stela LED streetlights from Indal WRTL for the prestigious location. The original luminaires were installed in the mid-1990’s and cast a familiar amber glow across the promenade and large expanses of adjacent grassland. LED street lights project an accurate crisp, white light which improves visibility, safety and definition.

Once half of the installation had been completed, residents, local authority officials and Councillors were invited to the promenade to compare the new LED street lighting with the existing traditional luminaires. During the evening Alec Clark, Chairman of Girvan Community Council, admitted that he was ‘initially sceptical’ of the new installation as he felt it would not light the grassed area. However, once there he was quick to address and confirm that indeed the lighting was very much improved and the white light uniformity was excellent.

Local joggers passing through on the night commented that they could ‘see facial features and colours of clothing of those who were approaching’. Other residents stated how pleased they were with the improvement.

Councillor Peter Convery, Sustainability and the Environment Portfolio Holder said:

"The new LED light fittings throw their light downwards and across the promenade. This will help to reduce sky-glow over Girvan, which is particularly important given Girvan's closeness to the international Dark Sky Park in the Galloway Forest Park.

"We are committed to maintaining and improving our environment and part of this is reducing carbon emissions and cutting energy bills.

"As the lights are being replaced in two stages you can clearly see the difference that the new lights make. It is a different type of lighting but very efficient and environmentally friendly."

Currently more than 80 local authorities across the UK have installed Stela LED street lights and have all welcomed its lighting performance innovative design, cost saving capability and almost maintenance-free assurance. Independent laboratory testing and existing installations show that Stela reduces energy consumption and cuts carbon emissions by up to 68% compared to traditional street lighting. This ensures they are on track to exceed CO2 reduction targets well ahead of the 2035 deadline. Stela is also manufactured using a large proportion of recycled materials.


Sorry about the picture size its all i could find does anyone live near Girvan in South Ayrshire and cant say how much of an improvement keeping the light pointing down these kind of light give ????

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