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Nichol Optical is the other UK optician who does mirrors.

Oldham has a good reputation. That is what David Lukehurst uses in his scopes. He is helpful and polite to work with.

If you want a premium mirror, there are other options, notably US-based opticians. This is the route I currently take. Otherwise, I'd go with Oldham

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Galvoptics and Oldham are the main 2. Although I think that their offerings are the same. The diameters and focal lengths match. This leads me to wonder who exactly manufactures them.

Both sites seem to have reduced what they advertise so if you don't see what you want then an email may be useful.

To see the Galvoptics offerings visit their site and click Parabolic Mirrors, I think that is the page that displays what the have.

GSO make a renge of mirrors, but I have no idea who, if anyone, may import them. Sumarian offer them on their scopes.

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