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First telescope space images...


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This is my first try at lunar imaging (actually, my first attempt at shooting extra-terrestrial stuff). We had unusually clear skies over Shanghai on the evening of April 19 so I thought I'd take a shot (sorry, no pun intended). I'm pretty pleased with the result even though I was using my photo tripod and tripping the shutter release manually (forgot my remote upstairs, 42 floors up). I'm hooked now and can't wait to get back to the States to use the other new toys that are waiting for me there!


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Thank you both for the encouragement. I appreciate it. Amazingly, we got two stellar (sorry) evenings of viewing this week in Shanghai, which is a rarity. I got this shot of the moon and my first image of Saturn. The moon was shot at (I think) 1/120 second. The Saturn shot was at 1/30 second. Contrast & saturation, on both, were tweaked in CS5. I can't beleive I actually got the Saturn image as it was very tiny on the camera display, considering I was using my photo tripod in windy conditions. I did use my RF remote and that obviously helped steady the image gathering system. I've got my wife excited about viewing and moving up to a bigger telescope already! We'll see. I need to crawl a little more.



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