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I bought my f1.8 (assuming it's not the L version you want) from Simply Electronics. They were the cheapest at the time but be warned I have read some awful reviews on their customer service. I had no trouble with them but others have complained.

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do not use yokrshire cameras The company asks you to enter your credit card and then states that it is not accepting a card starting with (whatever your first 4 numbers are)... it then expects you to try all of your other cards to see if any work...just had to cancle my card..........kev

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I buy all my camera kit from a guy on a photography forum I go on. He is a great bloke and absolutely top notch. He does sell through ebay (flash camera) I think it is. His kit is all shipped from Scotland, but originally sourced from the US. There is absolutely no warranty issues with anything - I have had my camera from him back at Canon under warranty with no problem. His proces are always cheaper than in the UK.

I won't post his email addy here, but if you want to contact him, PM me and I'll let you have the details. His name is Ian Kerr.

I would not post this if I wasn't 100% confident in him.

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