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how to cheer the gf up?


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Hi guys,

I have been reading with interest... learning something new with every post about the way the male mind works, lol.

I must say that I admire your efforts at making your other half happy.

Don't forget that with the summer here, it can be just nice to forget the telescope for once, and spend a warm evening in the garden with just the two of you, a bottle of wine and some good conversation. That way, you can be watching the stars appear, and she will think that you are hanging on her every word.

It should work!!!!

Good luck,


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My god man she is your girlfriend, send her some flowers not a picture of space. If you want to show her you care keep astronomy out of it, all that sending a pic of a DSO will show is you are thinking of astronomy and not her.

Hmm, can't say I agree...my first scope was a surprise prezzie from my husband, and it cheered me up no end (much more than flowers)!!! Then again, perhaps I'm not a terribly good example! I still like shoes and pretty things though! But if you want to show that your feelings for her are of astronomical proportions, I quite like the rosette nebula idea. :)

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Well one of her things is she asks me how much I love her, and I usually pick one of the bigger things I know of. Say, Sirius, or Jupiter, or something along those lines, either is beyond my comprehension in size. And it's not like I can travel there in 20 minutes or something and be there for her so it's very difficult.

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Well one of her things is she asks me how much I love her, and I usually pick one of the bigger things I know of. Say, Sirius, or Jupiter

That's where you going wrong - Jupiter, Sirius - FAR to small - go galaxy my friend - "my love for you is deeper than the Andromeda Galaxy is wide" - That, will score you serious brownie points!

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Good conversation? I spend enough time listening already without spoiling a bottle of wine too.
It's often the conversation that leads me to the second bottle. I call it pain relief and she wonders why I want a hobby that that will keep me in the garden for hours, even in the freezing cold which she hates.:D

Then again, I'm 10 years married with kids and the OP is still in the first flushes of love/passion/illusion. Our viewpoints are bound to differ, but will converge with time.....


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Hi Mr Spock, If you are worried about spoiling the wine, then may I suggest a pair of ear plugs. They can be very discreet and have saved many a relationship. (I am not saying who should wear them mind!) :)


Always get real corked bottles.. they're more comfortable in the ears - by the second bottle you'll not hear anything :D

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Forget the impossible images taken by Hubble..

Gimme an 8" anyday!


Hehe! Me too!

Seriously, its cool how much thought some of the ideas here portray. I'm sure she'll be simply pleased you made the effort to try to make her day special.

Good luck :D


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im not so sure - i reckon she'l love the dso pic thingy. everyone's saying how it shows ur thinking about the stars and not her etc etc, but in fact itl show her two things - a) that ur not out on the **** etc (lol they do get jealous some of em!!) and :) that whilst YOU are doing the thing that interests YOU, you are still thinking about HER. that will surely warm her heart, knwoing that youre thinking of her whilst youre enjoying your own thing, and it will give her a nice mental image of the stay-at-home bf etc etc. yes? come on whos with me on this one, its foolproof ...:D

I would like to say that the ring nebula was tongue in cheek, I forgot to put a smiley. I really have to agree that unless she is seriously into astronomy she would rather think you were thinking of her than stars
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