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The Precious!!!


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These are from the night of the 24th, taken with the Atik 2-hs (wonder camera :)) and my 12" Skywatcher Skyliner on an EQ platform. Around 1200 frames stacked and processed in Registax v6.

First pic is the original, the second has been resized to 200% the third and fourth have each been slightly more aggresively processed.

***Shortish focal length of 3750mm so click the image to enlarge it***





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Nice images, how many fps were u getting on the Atik?

I can only get 5fps with the 2-hs, even going to 10fps causes the image quality to degrade to an unuseable level due to data compression

Thanks for the comments everyone :D

***Just adding to this comment, I can actually get 10fps. All this time I'd been changing from 5fps to 10fps and not realising the gain was automatically increasing for some reason, hence the apparent drop in perceivable quality. I am now getting 10fps and filesizes are twice as big when compared to 5fps, ergo, no data compression....HUZZAH!!!!

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Very nice images. Would be interesting to see what you can get with a longer fl. i'd be tempted to try 6m :o

I may be about to acquire a TV x5 powermate, if I do I'll post my results as soon as it arrives (with the full co-operation of the clouds of course ;))

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