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M90 - My first LRGB image!


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Hi all,

Been having a lot of fun lately with an ancient MX716 mono CCD. It's only got 742x580 pixels, but I've been impressed how sensitive it is.

Well, this is my first attempt at LRGB imaging with it, of the galaxy M90 in Virgo. I know, the colour's a bit odd, but it is a first attempt at LRGB and it is only a little sensor so it's hardly going to compete with the current 'entry-level' Atik 314L's and the like. However, what surprised me was how much detail showed up in the galaxy, and how the deep the image goes. For instance, the two little galaxies at about 2 O'clock on the edge of the galaxy are of 19th magnitude. Now that's pretty faint for a light-polluted suburban garden!

So what's gone wrong with the colours? The image was about 25 x 4 minutes each of L, R, G & B, with LP filter & IR cut. 250mm f/4.7 Newtonian.

So, despite its limitations, I'm pleased at what possible with an old and little sensor. Also surprised that there are so few postings of this galaxy, since it's fairly bright and rather interesting.


And here's the mono version of it, which I think looks a lot better!


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