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Help with guidescope on LX10

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I just purchased a losmand DM8 dovetail plate and installed it with the express purpose of mounting my Celestron C80ED as a guidescope. I have counterweights on the bottom of the SCT but I am beginning to wonder if the total will be far too much weight for the scope to handle? Does anybody have any knowledge on how much weight an LX10 can handle? I know the C80ED is about 2 kg or so.

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I had the ed80 on my 12" Lx200 for a while. I used the ADM minirail system and no real issues ( The 10" Lx200 has the same drive gear - I think the Lx10 is a bit "lighter")

I changed a couple of years ago to an ST80 (much lighter and more compact) as a guider with a QHY5/ PHD/ Al's reticle - works 100% for me.

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I had an LX10 years ago. I really think it will struggle and would be more inclined to reverse roles, guide with the SCT and image with something as small as possible piggybacked. A little 70mm apo or something. I did that on an LX200 myself.


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I was thinking that it might be too heavy, especially when i mounted it and even when balanced it seemed a little unstable. I may choose a little achromat as a guide scope. Perhaps the celestron 70 mm short tube refractor.

I will put the C80ED on it's own mount.

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