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astrophotography gear for a newbie?

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hello. after a few outings with a friend for astronomy and astrophotography I've deiced to buy some gear for astrophotography. the only problem is what gear? I found a kit that claims to have everthing you need includeing a Orion 6in. f/5.0 Newtonian Imaging Reflector telescope, a Orion StarShoot Pro V2.0 Deep Space Color Imaging Camera, and a lot of other stuff like a tripod, a "go-to" mount, and some filters for $2600, anyway I want to know, is this a good deal and would it work well?


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OK, that looks like what we call HEQ5 Synscan Pro in the UK. If you check some more that it is then I have one and it works for me.

Most people that I know have built up their equipment in stages, $2600 sounds like a lot for your first pass to me.

If you have a decent DSLR and a few lenses then with a good mount you actually have nearly everything you need to have a go at astro imaging and check that it really suites you as a hobby.

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