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right angle finder alternatives

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Hi all,

Well since I bought my scope a couple of months ago I havent stopped spending and now the misses is slowly starting to moan, as I have spent more then twice the cost of the scope on bits including motor drives, camera adapters etc etc, anyway, I was thinking about a right angled finder for the scope as my neck is in bits after trying to look at m81 and m82 which is directly above us, I have been walking round a few car boots and have noticed some cheep refractor scopes which have right angled focusers, I have heard of people cutting down small dia refractors to use as guide scopes so unless anyone can think of a reason then can it be done. I saw a 50mm tasco ota for £5 today and was so tempted but thought I'd ask here first.


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Hi Kev, well it could be done, but a finder needs at least a 5 degree field of

view to be useful. I don't know if the scopes you are looking at can get to that

low a power, probably not I'm guessing. Thats why a proper finder has a very

short focal length, to get the wide field. Also you will need an adjustable mount

to attach it to your scope.

So maybe possible if you can sort those issues.

Regards, Ed.

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Ok so a 9x50 raci it is, But Pleeeeese dont tell the wife im spending again. She'll have the divorce solicitors on speed dial at this rate.

I suppose it is something that is future proof.

Cheepest price I found so far is £60.77 for the 9x50 raci including the bracket. Can anyone beat that.


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Just to reassure you, it's a good policy to buy the best you can afford but even better on kit that you can take off and use for the next upgrade. So although the finder might seem a little steep compared to £5, its quality and usefulness will last a lifetime. Eyepieces also fall into this category where it is probably best to build up a collection slowly with quality than to go down the reselling route which proves more expensive in the longer term. Failing that, perhaps a tunnel under the house is the next best option to smuggle the purchases in!:):D

Clear skies


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I once tried using an 80mm short-tube refractor with mirror diagonal as a right-angle finder. But the view in the frac was upright and left-right reversed - hopeless for map-reading. With a prism instead of a mirror diagonal it would have been OK. But I went back to using my straight-through and have been using it happily ever since. I agree that finding objects near the zenith can be tricky. I prefer to get the right area using the finder, then use the main scope with low power eyepiece and a very detailed map to get to my target.

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