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Black plants 'could grow' on exoplanets with two suns


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Since black is the absorbsion of all wavelengths it does make some sense, however it then leaves the question why are our plants not black leaved?

The same principe would apply here on earth as well as anywhere else, one star or two, it's all light and absordsion and then conversion to food.

Ours are green because they absorb Red and Blue but reflect Green. So they are not making use of the green wavelengths. Guess only 2/3 as efficent as they could be.

So there may be a reason why and this reason may apply to other planets.

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Interesting conclusion, I was watching something on Discovery a few weeks ago, and they were saying that the reason why most leaf's are green, is that the most predominate light from the visible spectrum that are atmosphere let though is from the green part of the spectrum.

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