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First light with my SkyWatcher 250PX


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Well, this is actually the second night out with my new scope (named Dobbie lol), but the first night out with him wasn't the best. I had no clue what I was doing and subsequently found that I had not even lined up the viewfinder, which didn't help matters! But last night was the first night out with me 'semi-knowing' what I was doing. It is a big learning curve all this :-)

Took 'Dobbie' out last night as it was a clear night, and all I can say it made a whole world of difference with the viewfinder lined up. Got Saturn in my sights and popped in the 25mm eyepeice. And bang.. right in the center of my view was Saturn.. could see the rings and a few of it's moons! WOW. Never ever seen Saturn (or any planets through a telescope before). I just stood there open mouthed, after a minute or so I had to run in the house and drag my girlfriend out for a look. She was suitably impressed too. I then popped in the 10mm EP and even better! Now.. I just have to get myself a better eyepeice for planetary work (the scope only came with a 25mm and 10mm EP, which give 48x and 120x magnifications). Could anyone suggest a good EP?

My girlfriend left the scene after about 20 minutes and I carried on observing for about another hour. I moved the scope around a little and looked at Arcturus and had a look around Ursa Major too, but just had to keep going back to Saturn.

I have family around today for a BBQ, but if the night stays clear then I will have to show them the views of Saturn. I haven't learned my way around the sky yet, but am going to try to learn a bit tonight. I read up today on star hopping from Ursa Major, to Ursa Minor and then on to Cassiopeia. Will also see if I can find the Double Cluster close to Cassiopeia, and maybe search out M13 if I have time for this too.

I think I have got the astronomy bug!

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