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My scope buying dilema

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I think I'm finally decided on my intial scope set up.. how does this look??? Can anybody comments or

Evostar 120, cos it's relatively well priced and there seems to be some good reviews on this

HEQ5 syntrek mount - thinks this fits the bill as I can upgrade to GOTO without too much bother, and also this seems to future proof myself.

However, twp spanners in the works with reading the forums...

Would changing the scope for a Evostar 80ED be a significant difference (this would push the total to upper upper range of my budget)?

Also seens some reviews for Skyliner Dobsonions...hmm, interesting...

Want to start of with general sky viewing and leariningto navigate, from a fairly light polluted - Reading, Berks


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Thats a wide range of scopes you are considering !.

Personally, regardless of price, I think you would find an 80ED a little too limiting. It's a great 2nd or 3rd scope but 80mm of aperture has it's limits.

I'd find out more about the 8" F/6 dobsonians (eg: Skywatcher Skyliner). You get the most "performance per £" with those and they are dead simple to operate.

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The 80ED would possibly be a better option if the intention was to go into imaging. Smaller, lighter and less CA on the images.

Other then that the 120 Evostar should be good for visual work, just over twice the light gathering of the 80. And with the f number, about 8 or 9 I think, it will be reasonable on CA although some will be present on the brighter things. (Moon)

The HEQ5 will allow for you to try imaging in the future if you want to give it a try. The Evostar 120 and a DSLR may be a bit heavy but you could give it a try.

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Thxs for advice here - think I'm going to have to spend a it more time on this one.

It will be my 1st scope, but I suspect not my last, hence the questions about the 80ED. I did like the look of this one given the size as I would like to take my scope on hols with me to Cornwall later this year and this one seemed more portable but a lot more cost.

I've only just considered the Skyliner Dobs after reading some great reviews on this forum - this is the conundrum :) cos the price of a Evostar on the HEQ5 syntrek is similar to the 200 or 300 Flextube Skyliners.

My head's hurting...:eek:

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You could pop along to the reading astro club meet and see what scopes they have.

The key guide to the scope is what you want todo with it- make a priority list, such visual or imaging, type of target (DSO/planet/lunar/solar) and other factors such as mobility and budget.

If you can't put what you want to see initially, it's worth hunting down some experience with different scopes first. I know that there are regular public sessions for the Reading club and also the Guildford clubs which could offer you some viewing experience of different scopes.

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sfor observing DSOs, I'd stick to a large dob or if you are keen on a frac then a large achromat (cheaper than an apo), but you'll get much less aperture for your money, it'll be heavier and bright objects will have a halo. A 300 flextube would be great.

A smaller ED/APO frac will work well on planets at high magnification, but doesn't have the aperture for faint DSOs. This would be more suited to imaging.

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