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First two images. 150PL and SPC-900

Parus major

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First try was two months ago with Jupiter....


And then this evening with Saturn.....


Main issues are that my mount isn't motorised so I have to live with the drift, my computer is indoors so I have that to deal with as well for focusing (good chance it's drifted out by the time I get to the monitor to check) and my dog keeps getting between me and the door!

Anyway, just goes to show that fair images can be gotten without any real imaging gear beyond a £20 webcam+nosepiece combo while having absolutely no idea what you're doing!

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i have a 150mm scope and spc900 and i am gonna try for my first Saturn pic tonight fingers crossed.

and i would be happy with that as my first pic ofc i have no dog to contend with normally just a few semi drunk friends;)


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Cheers, mate.

Whqt struck me was just how well it all worked. It would have been easier if I didn't have my issues but they wouldn't have existed if I had a laptop or at least a screen I could see for focussing and hand tracking.

Sharpcap was easy, registax was easy to use at the basic function level.

It just goes to show what you can get basically hands free automatically. I can't wait to actually have a basic understanding to see what can change.

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Right, all this time later and I've done two more. Slightly out of focus and perhaps made much worse by using the stock SW 2x barlow. The motors on the EQ6 obviously made a big difference here since I got a 5min Avi on these.



Obviously I've got a long way to go bit I've quite pleased by these.

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Yes, you can almost make it out, you can see a wee bit of colour thinning at where the Cassini division should be.

Thanks for the kind words, my next purchase is getting a decent barlow, thinking a powermate, also a focussing mask, my issue still being my computer is indoors. I need to read up on image processing since I'm still hands free on registax and I've no idea about Gimp.

Anyway, onwards and upwards indeed!

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