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I seem to have a chunk that obviously fits into the eyepiece hole on my Skywatcher 200p Dob,and since I have already fitted and used the 1 1/4 adapter I can only assume it is something to do with fitting a DSLR to the scope-but I'm blowed if I can see how! Just in case I want to stick my nikon on it sometime-what is this all about please???

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As Twotter said, it will be the 2" adapter for a 2" eyepiece. This has nothing to do with imaging with a DSLR. In fact, if you use it you'll not get focus.

You need to unscrew the end from the 1.25" adapter to leave the thread only.. then screw on a T adapter for your Nikon (Not supplied with the scope).

The 2" adapter is for viewing with a 2" EP only.

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You may have the same adaptor that I got with the 300P dob. If so it is a step down adaptor from 2" to 1.25". You can check by trying to unscrew the 1.25" tube from the adaptor.

If it comes off - what you are left with is a T-Thread. This will accept a T-ring which allows a dslr to be connected to the adaptor, and thus the camera can be directly attached to the scope :)

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Had a bit of a rummage in the garage earlier and found a long box that looked suspiciously like the sort of box that an OTA might be delivered in. Looked inside, and nestled amongst the polystyrene tube supports was a plastic bag with a 2" adaptor in.

Happy days :)

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