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First dso, maybe?


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Tried again last night to find a dso, decided to try for m53 cluster. Unfortunately I only had time for a quick star gaze. Just as I was about to pack up I noticed a grey fuzz. I don't know what it was, is there any other dso near m53?

As I was only out for a short while I set up near the house which probably didn't help as I couldn't make out much

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there is coma berenices itself (berenices hair) which is a very loose open cluster which can be seen naked eye from a dark sit and may look like a big fuzzy patch. If you're searching for your first dso, there are probably some easier ones than m53 now - M44, M67, M36, 37, 38 and 35 are all brightish open clusters which are probably easier to find than M53. later on in the night m13 is very easy to find.

good luck:)

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