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Aligning seperate channels

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I've recently bought a mono SXVF-H9 CCD and will shortly get my filter wheel and filters. Prior to this I was using a Canon 450D. One big difference, obviously, is that I will have 3 seperate channels of colour data, which I will have to align.

I read somewhere about selecting the master luminance frame as a "reference" frame for each of the individual colour stacks in DSS, but other than that, is there anything else that I need to do to make sure they are all aligned properly?

I will be using Nebulosity 2, DSS and PS CS3.

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That should do it, assuming the misalignment does not exceed the parameters of the stacking software. I tend to align colours by hand in AstroArt because I find I can sometimes beat the auto align but maybe DSS does it better?


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I assume, however, if they are binned and thus different sizes, that I won't be able to use the luminence as a reference frame in DSS after all?

So assuming I have a perfectly aligned RGB channels from DSS, which I then resize, but I have a Luminence channel which is not perfectly aligned with the RGB, how do I align them manually together? Is it easy in photoshop?

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Panic over, I've found that Nebulosity 2 (which I bought for capturing images) can align seperately stacked channels, including offset, rotation and stretch differences. I can then easily combine them in Photoshop without manual intervention.


DSS to stack

Nebulosity 2 to align

Photoshop to combine

I've managed to combine a DSLR colour image and an SXVF-H9 mono image this afternoon using it (very minimal processing and not enough subs, but one of the few targets that I have pictures of with both cameras. No processing other than curves/levels, after all it was just an experiment to just to show that I could do it).


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