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Smog, dust and pollen.


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Thanks for the welcomes. Looking forwards to learning lots of new stuff, especially the techno side.

We were hoping to take the scope out last night but ended up leaving it and just took the dog up the river bank. I had a torch and was astounded at the amount of dust that's in the air reflecting in the light. I've spent a lot of time out with the dog in the dark and can not ever remember seeing as much debris floating about. You'd be forgiven for thinking a volcano had exploded in Yorkshire....!:)

As the mirror on a Newt is exposed I guess it is inevitable that some of this stuff is going to land on the mirrors. The scope I have has a fan behind the mirror. In conditions like this does anybody know whether it is best to still run the fan or to not run the fan..? i.e. Would running the fan help draw the stuff down the tube and out or cause it to draw more on to the mirror surface.

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