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I want to be able to view images from my DMK41 in a remote room 60 yards from my observatory, viewing the images across my infranet, is there any software I can use please?

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I think that this may be the sort of programme you are after, but i can only tell you what i do, there may be (probably are) better solutions;

i use Teamviewer - free for personal use - and Homeplugs which i found to be the easiest for me. I am assuming that you have mains to your Pulsar hence Homeplugs or you already have some sort of wired/wireless link up and running.

Teamviewer is very easy to use and sets up a direct link to authorised pcs on your account enabling you to take control of the remote pc. The only gripe is speed of transfer which does improve considerably by using half-decent machines. (my old netbook in the obs has been eclipsed by now using a better laptop such that this is no longer an issue but i am sure this would be the same for all such programmes)

TeamViewer - Free Remote Access and Remote Desktop Sharing over the Internet

obviously there are other remote software programmes such as VNC/UltraVNC etc but teamviewer works consistently well for me

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You can also run Teamviewer Puely IP based on your local intranet so no need to get their servers involved... thats the way I have been using it or the last few years.. I setup all my kit with static IP addresses...

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