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Cybersky 5

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Hi all,

Cannot get Stellarium to work on my new laptop (graphics or something). Using Carte du Ciel basic, and this doesn't have many stars. Am trialling CyberSky 5 and looks pretty good. Using trial version but wondered if anybody has bought this for $35 and got all the stars and DSOs, and if so, is it any good? $35 isn't much if it was any good. Thanks for any advice.


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I'm using v3.2 of Cartes du Ciel and it comes with plenty of stars as standard (I'm guessing v2 is pretty much the same).

First download and install the additional "Star catalogs" from the CdC website (here).

Then check that the star & deep sky catalogues are enabled :

Setup > Catalog > Catalog tab - make sure that "dsl" is set to green, not red.

Setup > Catalog > CdC stars tab - make sure that "Bright Star Catalog", "SKY2000" & "Tycho 2 Catalog" are enabled.

Setup > Catalog > CdC deep sky tab - make sure that the default, "SAC", is enabled.

Then, if no more stars are showing go to Chart > Number of stars > Show more stars.

If you need still more stars and DSOs then you can download, install and enable the additional catalogues : "UCAC3 catalog" (in 4 parts - Northern, Equatorial, Southern & Index) and "DSO Catalog".

HTH :)

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David o,

Did that this morning, lovely. Its just the job. Just needed those last few stars to guide me into those hard to find objects. This should do it. Thanks for the help.


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