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Just took a look out of the back door, and the sky is definitely more blue than it has been of late. Better not get my hopes up too much though, otherwise im going to be mr grumpy again for the rest of the night...lol.

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Just had my best ever session! The sky was crystal clear here between 12pm and 3am. What a change from Wednesday!

Red letter day and a half for DSO I found 95% of targets and got some great resolution on globular clusters by playing with EPs.

I would have never believed I could get so mych in the small patch of sky from my back yard :)

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Rain... in the desert, and on Easter Sunday, too. It hasn't done that in all the 25 years I've been living here that I can remember. Usually, sometime between late February and early March, we've seen the last rainfall until next November or even December. :BangHead::D:D

This year, the "marine layer", as they call it, is not my friend. The clouds burn off by noon, we have nice sunny skies until about 6pm or so when the air starts to cool off, and then the cloud layer swoops back in from off the Pacific and socks us in for the night. We have been in this pattern since mid-December, with only one or two short (week long) breaks in the pattern. The new CGE-Pro mount is now 6-weeks old, but has less than 10 hours of observing time over just 3 nights since I've brought it home. :icon_salut: I'm quite fond of brown and rocky hills and landscapes, actually, but this year, all the hills are sort of a leprous green and fuzzy... like a forgotten lump of cheese gone very bad. :(

The neighbors are all on about "It's so lovely!" or "I haven't had to run the air conditioner at all this year!". But the one that makes me want to scream Bite your tongue! - is when they say: "I wish it could stay like this all year long!" :)

I'm going to start handing out bus tickets to Seattle! :eek:

I want my desert back!


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Thats the trouble with this time of year, if its not clear from the word go then you dont get much time actually viewing or imaging. Last night I half set up and waited til about midnight when it began to clear, by that point though I couldnt have been bothered to set up the rest as the sky quality was only about 5/10, and couldnt see much below Leo.

Come back winter! all is forgiven!

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