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Plato Pico and Hyginus Rille


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SPX350 F34.2, PGRFlea3, Astrodon red filter.

Seeing was only fair but some reasonable results processed, images a bit soft due to seeing but detail apparent. Seeing was tell tale wavey effect sweeping through but fine craters could be glimpsed at 60fps in parts of the image. Hyginus has these strange craters embedded in the rille with Hyginus crater in the middle of the rille at the bend.

Stacked 750of3000 frames used avistack1.81.

Thanks, John.




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I love the string of craters in the rille I wonder how that came about. You can almost picture a string of meteor fragments in a row smashing into the Moon like the Shoemaker Leve 9 comet impact on Jupiter.



That's a very interesting feature. I've just done a quick google and it seems they're thought to be volcanic vents and collapse craters, and Hyginus crater a large vent. Apparently the dark patches around Hyginus could be pyroclastic.

Thanks for the fab picture John. :)

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lighting conditions for plato dont look quite ideal, just a bit more shadow is better i think on this one, nice focal length, i reckon your not at the limit of resolution though, i think you have had better seeing, im pretty sure you will go further on plato in time. you know exactly what i mean John ( seeing, lighting, maybe even more focal length ) its good no doubt, but i know you will better this. Love the Rill. This kind of resolution, really brings it to life

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