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Hello everyone,

Clint (aveman Whitman here from California. I am a Classic Telescope man and own the 9" F10.6 Pearl Refractor. Made by Roland Christen 1985. I have been restoring old telescopes for close to 30 years and have quite a collection of old telescopes and great telescope using friends. I have been having a problems with a strange bird named Loron Knolen. It seems he has been a problem on the Star Gazers Lounge and speaks out against it all over the internet. Due to this fact I reckoned it must be one of the best forums on the internet and decided to join.... Thanks

Clint (aveman Whitman:icon_salut:


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Hello and welcome,

you've made the right choice. I think that you have probably got a lot of advice and experience to offer people on this forum. Any one who bad names this forum must be some kind of fool, Ive had nothing but good advice and acceptance which really makes me feel part of something astronomical.Adamski:headbang:

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Hi Clint nice to see you on here, another classaholic is always welcome. Theres a few other names you will be familiar with from the CN Forum on here who will be pleased you are with us.

There is a classic scopes section under the community/social group button pop in and take a look youll be most welcome

Philj aka philjay

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Hi Clint and welcome to the forum.

I have to confess that I am a regular stalker of the refractor section of Cloudy Nights. I'm sure my obsession will be diagnosed one day as a medical condition. I seem to find myself constantly dribbling when ever a message in that section contains an 'attachment' which I know will expose me to some huge monster scope. Please send us more pictures and any observation write ups!

Clear skies and a strong back!


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Wow I am overwhelmed! Thanks for all the good thoughts and complements on the Pearl. She is a real great old lady and can blow a hole in the sky. We have been able to hold Saturn at 680X and with bino-viewers the views are drop dead wonderful. With the 9" Oil spaced Triplet you can plainly see the propeller in M13 and even make out the red tinge of the rock piles on the moon. I had a long conversation with Roland about the scope and he called it " The Onsey" only one he ever made, he said it took 3 years to find the glass for the lens. I just did some swapping and was able to get hold of a unused Byers Series II mount. I am working on the piers. One portable and one fixed.


Again thanks for all the welcomes and hope to get to know a bunch of you Well



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