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You couldn't make it up


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Thursday evening looked at last to be a proper clear night :eek:, so rig all set up for an imaging run when night finally decended, what did a I get? A big lump of cloud sent up from the Bristol area to completely cover mid wales with a nice short but hefty shower to boot. Cheers!!:)

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Got that cloud as well, Could not beleive it. Had set up got the new x5 Barlow in with a 20mm EP and went to Saturn fantastic vew.

Stuck the SP900 in for a quick video switched the PC on got it focused and then watched it disappear for an hour as that cloud went over. must have beena mile wide and 30 miles log right where Saturn was. Either side of it was clear.

Ah well maybe tonight :)

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Hi Pete,

Was going to set my scope up but as the last few nights have been so poor didn't bother. Went out about 10.30am for a quick look and could see hardly anything, the sky looked like tomato soup.

We really need some rain to clear all the crud out of the atmosphere.

I guess us stargazers are never happy :)

All the best.

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It's an attempt to look onthe "bright" side... I grabbed a few hours ugly after lunch to set myself up for an all nighter and woke up to basically wall to wall cloud...

I passed up the oportunity lasting the as I had been out since 5am hoping for some misty sunrise shots.. I ahd all the best intentiosn with an alarm set for 2 am to pop out and battel luna to see soemLyrids .. but i just cancelled it and roleld over and went back to sleep so I guess its all my fault :)

Every cloud has a silver linning and all that... :eek::icon_salut::BangHead: but a vowel change just about sums it up...

I'm blaming Lulu and Co .. as they are down this way ...


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