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another competition


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hi guys

i hope no one minds me posting this, please just delete it if so, i will not mind. :clouds1:

As well as being interested in astronomy, and an IT engineer, i also run a multimedia training based company for beginners! I have been building this company for about a year now.

As part of the launch of my company we are starting a newletters which should go out from the end of next month. it will be a monthly letter, and will offer, hot tips, It news etc.

one problem i have is the lack of a good name for it.

For the person who can come up with a good name for the newletter

The prize i am offering the winner is a training course , of their choice (see www.alanna-enterprises.com) . If we do not have a course that tickles your (or their)  fancy, then i will make available any subsequent courses.

Now i know that no one here would likely benefit as you must all be very computer literate people, but someone you know might benefit. mums, sisters, brothers, girlfriends, wifes etc i will happily post the course out to the address of the winners choice. ( nice xmas pressie!!!) please note they come in nice DVD cases so are easily wrapped as gifts also. In fact if you win and want to make a present of it to someone let me know, i will wrap it!

The winner will not only recieve the course of their choice, plus will see their name mentioned in the company newsletter. Plus the recipient will have first opportunity to post in my forum a short paragraph explaining how our course helped them.

If they become customer of the month from this, they will win another course, and be featured on my website as customer of the month, and the newsletter, also with a mention in the testimonials (optional)

The name must reflect the company name Easy as IT.

At the moment, there is no closing date for this competition, it depends on the take up :-)

Please keep in mind my website is being re-designed at the moment, the one above will soon be history. Hence the previous thread i posted.

so get ur thinking caps on guys, and good luck


ps, any questions, please feel free to email me direct Asteeleleith@hotmail.com

also another series of courses i am thinking of doing is a series on astronomy software, any ideas on that greatfully recieved :-)

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