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eyepiece contrast for galaxies

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I came across this review of competing eyepieces and was surprised of the difference in contrast provided between them. I have only a 4" refractor but enjoy hunting for DSO so any advantage of contrast gained by an eyepiece could be quite important.

Be interested in some views and suggestions about brands which give higher contrast but with good field of view - 60 deg or more for viewing deep sky.

12mm Radian and 12mm Pentax XF - Review

Thanks, andrew

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Thanks for that. I found this article myself when looking at the Pentax XF as a potential purchase and was quite struck by it as well.

I ended up buying the 8.5mm XF and it's a brilliant eyepiece - equally good in my 4" refractor at planets or the smaller DSOs.

Most galaxies are still invisible from North London, though.


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I have only really used Radians in this sort of range until I got some Baader Genuine Orthos. I have to say that although it does not match your wider field criteria, I feel that a 9mm BGO would be superb in all other respects, especially contrast and sharpness.

Orthos are often overlooked for anything other than planetary/lunar/doubles but they are also really good for DSOs for the above reasons (unless of course it does not fit in the relatively narrow field!).

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