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10 x 50 binocular advice.

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I currently have a set of Helios Stellar 15 x 70 binoculars.They provide bright images.But I am looking to change to 10 x 50,10 x 56 or 10 x 50 monoculars.My eyes donot work as stereo.The 15 x 70's never stay still with me,I think I must be getting older.Any advice on what 10 x 50's you're using or would recommend?

Thanks Martin:glasses1:

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15x is basically too high a magnification to hold by hand steadily. You can get a little use out of them for quick glances at things but they will work far better on a tripod of some kind. The weight is another factor, your arms will tire more quickly with larger binoculars.

10x50 is the size most people recommend as roughly the maximum limit for practical hand-held use. Some even prefer slightly smaller binoculars such as 8x40, despite their lack of punch.

For a 10x50 the two most obvious choices are the Nikon Action Extreme (sometimes the "Extreme" is shortened to "EX") and the Pentax PCF WPII. On the Cloudy Nights forum people generally recommend one or the other of these two, for a reasonably priced good quality 10x50. The Nikon has a wider field of view but the edge of that field of view is fuzzy, while the Pentax is pretty much sharp to the edge but has a narrow field of view. My own preference is for a wider field of view, even if the edge of it isn't perfect, but others have the opposite opinion. The only other difference between them, basically, is ergonomics. I can't tell you which one you will find more comfortable to hold, sadly. Binoculars are a bit like shoes - you will have your own preferences and it would be a good idea to try before you buy.

Personally I have the Nikon and am happy with it.

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I have the Pentax 10x50's and they're great.

But even they benefit from tripod mounting for extended use as scanning a starfield is fine but spending any time with the image steady to pick out details is still difficult as the tiny movements of your hands and arms are magnified.


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:icon_eek:Hi Nexus.I understand the point that you are making.I do use my WO 66mm on a tripod at low mag.But I would like binoculars to just emmerse yourself in the wide field view that binos can provide.I use to enjoy my 7 x 50's but they are with my daughter now.


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