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My forlorn dobs set up and ready for another night of poor transparency.........


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Here's my big dob (12" f5.3 OOUK) and my planetary dob (6" f11 on a home made Equatorial Platform) ready to start another night's observing. Even though the conditions are rubbish, I managed decent views of Saturn, a few doubles and some of the brighter objects like M13 etc.

At least they look nice.......:) (and the blummin' patio needs jetwashing!).



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Hi. Nice set of scopes you have there. Think you may be down the road from me in Stockport. I'm in Stalyvegas ?!?!


Cheers John, I am indeed!

Wow that's a beast , wouldn't look out of place in Libya lol

:) you scud be right.

Laurel and Hardy look great there Shane :eek:

unfortunately, I am more the Hardy than the Laurel myself these days. the 6" is a right spindly tube but great on planets and lunar.

Looks like a champion set up! :icon_salut:

I'm like you, I enjoy my patio in the dark, then no one notices that it hasn't been swept in awhile!


cheers Dan

I totally agree. Unfortunately, my wife likes sitting on ours in the evenings and weekends :mad:

I've given up jetwashing the patio. It looks just as bad again within weeks.

true true. I only do mine once a year though so not too bad. :(

Ye Shane for get the patio!, we are only interested in the scopes :BangHead:

that 12" Orion looks huge, must give you some great views :p

I do love the 12" dob. It would definitely be the last to go if I had to sell up. Must get out to dark sites more often now I know after my brief stay at SGL6 that I can get all my gear in the car.

Awesome setup Shane :(

cheers Kris. it's always nice to have options.

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