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Imaging...I think!

Odd Thomas

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Hi folks, I'm after some advice please.

I've got a Celestron 8SE attached to my laptop via the nex remote software. I've been looking at the neximage camera package. If I buy this, will I be able to fit it and observe 'remotely' on my laptop screen or is this purely a camera for taking pictures?

If it is able to operate 'in real time' as above, would the neximage package be a good bet for a beginner in imaging or can you recommend another packege for a similar price? The cheapest Neximage (from the UK) is around £100.

Thanks very much for any input.


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I think the main use of this type of camera is for imaging planets. For this you will also need the Registax software (or Avistack). The image chip is quite small, so with the 8se your field of view will be small. Turn up the gain to maximum while trying to find the target, then reduce it quite low once you've found it. Take about 1000 frames and then process the avi in Registax. Do a few runs at slightly different focus positions, or try to focus on a moon if you can see one near the planet. Later you can also think about getting a x2 barlow to increase the image size.

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