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Light pollution filter.

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I'm after a decent light pollution filter, last night when I was viewing Saturn I couldn't really make out any colours as it seemed too bright, like a little white planet. I'm assuming that the mirror is capturing light from all the daft lights up everywhere.

Question is do I go for the Baader?

Light Pollution Reduction - Baader Neodymium Filter

Or the Skywatcher Filter?

Light Pollution Reduction - Skywatcher Light Pollution Filter


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I have the Baader one and for me it does make a difference although to be fair, I can't judge whether it makes more of a difference than the Skywatcher one as I don't own one to make that comparison. No filter will be a magic bullet in completely cancelling out light pollution but for me it was worth the cost. I chose the Baader in particular because of the way it is manufactured and also for practical reasons, because the coating allows you to clean it without fear of damaging it.

Hope that helps.


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I high-jacked a similar thread to this ages ago as the same question was being asked. Needless to say the answers I got surprised me a little as it helped me save a bit of money. But basically the Baader Neodymium and Skywatcher LPR are bascially the same filter, they both have the same effect on light pollution and they're quite good at it from what I can tell. Hopefully somehow will back me up because otherwise I'll look like quite the fool! haha

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The Skywatcher LPR flter is good for the money and good for DSOs, but won't help much with Saturn. You either need a colour filter (google what works well with Saturn, possibly green), or more magnification (to dim the image) or block some of your aperture off with a circular disk blocking off the centre of your scope. I found staturn very bright when I had my 10" dob.

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