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Celestron Ultima LX

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Eya im looking for a low focal length eyepiece (2 inch preferably)

and i wonder if the 1.25 inch adapter could be removed from the celestron ultima? ( since it's on of the few eyepieces with low focal length which are 2 inch..?)

i know the 22 and 32 are only for 2 inch, but i wonder if the 5/8/13/17 are also for 2 inch with an adapter for 1.25 and will perform as well as other 2 inch eyepieces?

Also how would the ultima lx compare to the celestron axiom lx?

Meade 5000 super plossi 40mm and skywatcher aero ed in the same price range as the ultima lx as well..but much higher focal length

-- Basicly looking for 2'' eyepieces which i could use to observe the planets with ( in combination with a 2* barlow or 4* powermate which i'll purchase at a later point)

- its for a 300p flextube ( atm i only have 1 2'' eyepiece, a skywatcher panaview 32 mm)

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thanks for the reply, i winded up today going to the shop , and they didn't have either in stock :eek:, so i got a 2 inch sw barlow and a sw aero ed 40 mm.....

hopefully it will be as good as the panaview :), also wonder if the views with barlow will be any good or that i'll be saving up for a powermate soon

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