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Endeavour launch visible from UK


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So I'm in Lincolnshire, (East of the Country)...And I need to be looking South at 21.05 ish ???? Tonight 29th april ???

Teams at Launch Pad 39A began moving the rotating service structure (RSS) away from space shuttle Endeavour at 11:58 p.m., April 28 in preparation for today’s launch attempt. Completion of RSS retraction occurred at 12:32 a.m. this morning. The launch team is currently working no technical issues and there is a 70 percent chance of acceptable weather at launch time. Live commentary of the external tank fueling coverage will begin at 6:15 a.m. and continuous launch commentary will begin at 10:30 a.m. Endeavour is scheduled to launch at 3:47:55 p.m. EDT on its final mission.


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Let's imagine what I think I'll be able to see...

Close your eyes. There. That's it. Pretty much what I'll be able to see. It's been heavily overcast all day here and the forecasts for the towns either side of us either remain the same or suggest electrical storms this evening.

It looks no significantly better for the early morning either, and I had been planning on setting the alarm for stupid o'clock so I could watch the fistful of planets that are all supposed to be on the eastern horizon just before sunrise :D


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It's a shame my whole western front is covered by massive trees. But I should get a good view south as it crosses near saturn. It just depends if it sneaks up from behind me or comes in from the west. It will be just after 10 here so hopefully the twilight will be gone enough for a decent exposure, I failed miserably with the ISS the other night using the clip filter.

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Thanks for the info. It would be awesome to see this. Especially after sering the ISS for the first time the other day. Unfortunately I've got a meal starting at 8 pm but I'll try and sneak out. Not sure what the surrounding geography is like either. I'm hoping though



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Just heard launch is being scrubbed. Damm*t!!!

At least 48 hours before they attempt relaunch.

Depending on when they reschedule, this may have been our last chance to see this.

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Wherabouts in Lincs are you?

I'm in Sleaford Eagleseye, about 20 miles direct south of Lincoln :D

Really wanna see it, but don't know where to look, and which dirction it will be travelling in ???

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....Really wanna see it, but don't know where to look, and which dirction it will be travelling in ???

Have a look at CALSKY.

Here in my part of Norfolk, according to Calsky, it moves from West to South-east, reaching a max altitude of 29.9 degrees and magnitude of -1.7 in the SSW at 21:08:45. However, there seems to be a delay in the launch.

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Wow, I didnt know you guys could see it all the way over there! I'll tell you what, I only live about 160 or so miles from the space Center in Cape Canaveral, by far, its a really cool sight to see the shuttle make a night launch! Its a ball of fire rising into the sky.

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