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Greetings from the garden


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Hi SGL members and greetings from Berkshire :)

Just come in from the back garden, after 3/4 of an hour looking around the window of sky not obscured by the house, trees or local light polution which I think is pretty bad here.

Highlight of the evening was spotting something come overhead at about 22:10 starting in the south west and moving sort of north eastwards in straight line, before fading away.

Got kind of excited so checked it out on Stellarium once I came inside and I think it was probably the ISS and then had to tell someone, which gave me the push to sign up and post :(

Haven't gone as far as getting a scope, but have ordered a less antique pair of binoculars, Helios 10x50s which I'm currently eagerly awaiting the arrival of, still expecting to wait another 3 weeks or so seems they are popular :)

Thanks for all the advice you've been posting in response to others questions, have learnt a lot (well a lot from a relative start of nothing :( ) reading SGL over the week since I discovered it.


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Hi there Tyr, Welcome to SGL :)

Last night I saw the ISS for the first time too. Kinda freaky, till you twig what it is.

Hope you have clear skies for the binos' first light.

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